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  • The Daily Mash: “Watching my brother-in-law’s desperate, darting eyes on Christmas Eve when I feign ignorance and ask how his ‘botcoins’ are doing is the present I want this year.” Posted four days before the crash.
  • Inspired by the acres of mediocre cheap Bitcoin books I’ve been buying to probably not bother reviewing (at least they’ll be deductible): Quick notes on how to de-DRM Kindle books on Windows 10. For when the Kindle reader app is terminally annoying you. This sort of rubbish is why my book is DRM-free on Kindle.
  • Ebooks on SmashWords, cheap or FREE, only 2 more days! All different, somewhat related:
    • My book, Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: $3.50, down from $7 — the only Bitcoin book for 2017.
    • Elizabeth Sandifer, Neoreaction A Basilisk: $4, down from $5 — a dive into what, philosophically, is wrong with the Alt-Right. Apart from everything else wrong with them.
    • Elizabeth Sandifer, Guided By The Beauty Of Their Weapons: FREE! — a dive into what, philosophically, is wrong with the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies who tried to vote-stack the Hugo Awards in 2015. This book suffered badly from Amazon’s unfriendly Artificial Intelligence, which refuses to list it even if you search on its name. Get it now, you have no excuse to miss it. Literally ancestral to my book — I based the print version’s layout on the template DOC for Guided.



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