News: Illiquidity, CFTC on the Bitcoin market, Parity rescue rejected, PR, academic COI, more stupid Bitcoin forks

  • Important stuff first: you can still get Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain to that relative who desperately needs vaccination against bitcoins for Christmas! UK, US. Save them while you can! And make sure you have a copy to defend yourself with over Christmas dinner. Show everyone Mr. Bitcoin on page 77, that should do the trick.

Beyond their practical and speculative functions, the emergence of these nascent markets has also been negatively marked by a variety of retail customer harm that warrants the Commission’s attention, including, among other things, flash crashes and other market disruptions,52 delayed settlements,53 alleged spoofing,54 hacks,55 alleged internal theft,56 alleged manipulation,57 smart contract coding vulnerabilities,58 bucket shop arrangements and other conflicts of interest.59 These types of activities perpetrated by bad actors can inhibit market-enhancing innovation, undermine market integrity, and stunt further market development.

  • Parity asked for a rescue plan after its August wallet disaster that left hundreds of millions of dollars in ether completely inaccessible. The Ethereum community says: “yeah, no.”, 2013


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