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  • Um, goodness me. Reddit user bfx_drew, the publicity person for Bitfinex, appears to have admitted that Tethers are being released, not based on people buying Tethers … but “people converting other cryptos into USDT”. (Archive.) Surely there must be some mistake.
  • In the meantime, Bitcoin hasn’t quite cracked $10,000 on the CoinDesk index. At this point, it’s clear that Bitcoin makes sense and is the currency of the future. Also, 1929 will definitely last forever.
  • Bitcoin futures aren’t going live on CME on 11 December. The date was posted in error. With Bitcoin volatility over 15% a day, “CME will not allow the trading of bitcoin futures at prices 20 percent above or below the settlement price from the previous day.” Everyone is sure that a regulated exchange offering futures on a ridiculously manipulated commodity price will end well. At least for /r/buttcoin readers in search of comedy gold.

Book news:

  • Today I saw the worst pirate copy I’ve seen of any book, and it was of mine: the very first version of the ePub of Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, rendered as JPEGs, put into a PDF. I was tempted to DMCA it just on grounds of good taste. I emailed them a better ePub — if you’re going to bootleg me, at least do it well.
  • (I’m not overly concerned with pirate copies. If you got a copy and didn’t pay for it, I only ask that you write or talk about it. Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, wherever. Also please do this if you did buy it, of course!)


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