News: Parity bug known since August, ancaps vs actualcaps, BitBounce, MtGox 2.0, Zimbabwe, Tethers

  • Mark Karpèles, who did nothing wrong, proposes MtGox be revived, possibly via an ICO, so he can do more nothing wrong. “Should anyone have 245 million USD sitting around and want to purchase MtGox, just drop me an email.”
  • The crypto world is headed for a very hard fork between the mainstream money people and the hard libertarians. “If you’re going to built a new city, you’re not going to have the DMV – we don’t like the DMV.” “We can actually tokenize the moon with a startup society.” TO THE TOKENISED MOON!!
  • BitBounce allows you to know that you accidentally emailed a bitcoiner. For you, this means a curated outbox of 1) emails to people who aren’t bitcoiners and 2) emails to people who aren’t bitcoiners. BitBounce creates outbox peace of mind.”

  • 200 million Tethers have been created in the last month. That’s 31% of all Tether. But I’m fully confident this is fully funded genuine demand, and every Tether in these tranches is fully backed and redeemable. Coincidentally, Bitcoin’s hovering around $8000 on CoinDesk. TO THE MOON!!



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2 Comments on “News: Parity bug known since August, ancaps vs actualcaps, BitBounce, MtGox 2.0, Zimbabwe, Tethers”

  1. Regarding Bitbounce, from their whitepaper:
    “Incoming emails received from addresses that are not on the whitelist are filtered
    to an email folder called unpaid, and an auto-response is then sent to the original
    email sender[…]”

    Oh boy, surely the solution to the spam problem is to reply to every single one of them. And then, because source emails are spoofed 99% of the time, send an auto-response to the bounce email from the “sender” email provider saying that the account doesn’t exist.

    What a shit show.

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