Crypto collapse: Terra judge repudiates Ripple finding, Razzlekhan cops a plea, Binance’s FDUSD stablecoin, CoinDesk sold, smart contracts still stupid

Today’s exciting adventures are posted over at Amy’s. [Amy Castor]

This time around:

  • Razzlekhan cops a plea, Ilya admits he was the Bitfinex hacker
  • Curve: smart contracts, stupid humans
  • CoinDesk sold to Peter Vessenes
  • Ripple ruling is repudiated in the SEC case against Terraform Labs
  • Everybody still really hates Binance
  • Everybody hates Binance’s latest stablecoin
  • Coinbase BSes the Financial Times
  • Patreon is broken, again! Check your pledges went out!


“Morgan masqueraded as a rapper.”

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