Medical downtime and quick notes

Sorry I haven’t got anything written this week — I appear to have become someone who gets migraines, or something with similar symptoms. (Ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol and codeine failing to work separately or together … how annoying.) Been out of it for much of the week. That and trying to keep up with the day job as well.

I first used this image on my 1990s website about Scientology.

I have half-drafted notes on:

  • Tether’s recent woes (Bloomberg, CFTC)
  • How that led to the present BTC pump — all-time-high today!! If properly measured in USDT, not USD
  • El Salvador — the ongoing comedy gold that is the Chivo network
  • Facebook, Novi and Diem — they’re using Paxos after all, but totally not abandoning Diem, they swear!
  • a story from the 2000s — Digital Monetary Trust: how to do crypto-style shadow bank shenanigans without all that tedious messing about with cryptography
  • a thousand words of notes for the next news update

That said, I can still tweet through it! I’ll continue to post random crypto news amongst the floods of whatever nonsense I find amusing at @davidgerard. [Twitter]

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5 Comments on “Medical downtime and quick notes”

  1. Can you report on the crypto futures ETF that the SEC let happen? I don’t know much about the space, it seems like it could be weaponized to destroy crypto (which is why the SEC is allowing it?). Here’s my scenario, we know there are Bitcoin whales that can easily manipulate the market. Couldn’t they short Bitcoin via the ETF, start selling in quantity to tank the price on schedule, and then reap the rewards of the short? Then they could “buy the dip”, let the price run back up, and do it all again. Again, not sure this is feasible, but it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the ETF go live. Shorting isn’t a gamble if you can manipulate the price of the underlying asset. Anyhoo, keep up the good work!

  2. The UK seems like an interesting place. You can get codeine for migraines, but not cannabis (processed or crude)?

    Take a trip over to Holland if Brother Boris still allows that and give it a try.

  3. As a lifelong migraine sufferer since childhood, I can tell you those things almost never work on a legit, classical migraine.

    Naproxen can at least relieve pain (but not other symptoms like photophobia) if taken at the beginning. Then there are specific migraine prescription medications like triptans. Triptans work well, but you’ll rapidly become tolerant if your migraines are frequent.

    1. Not sure if these were technical migraines – the loved one used to suffer those, and they were an absolute bugger – but they were nagging headaches that left me having difficulty thinking in units longer than a tweet 🙂 I mean, I could seek actual medical advice

      I’ve been feeling noticeably more with it today, and am composing actual sentences! Now writing up the CFTC Tether/Bitfinex settlements, only a week late …

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