Quadriga documentary ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ — the trailer is out

From Dimestore Productions: [Dimestore]

DEAD MAN’S SWITCH a crypt0 mystery will be finished in March 2021.

​A thirty-year-old CEO responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency and cash dies suddenly in India and $215M disappears, kicking off a major scandal and fueling speculation that his exit was only one of many scams. Where’s the money, Gerry?

Directed, Written and Produced by Sheona McDonald

The trailer has just dropped! Featuring Amy Castor and myself as talking heads:



This is the documentary that Amy and I went to Vancouver to be filmed for in February 2020. Also the last time either of us ate at a restaurant with other people.

We also have a screener of the finished production. It’s excellent, I’m very pleased. (Even if I look my age.)

Look at Gerry’s innocent face. Also how he puts on the Serious CEO Baritone.

The film has its own site: deadmansfilm.com.



Quadriga seems to have been some sort of money-laundering chop shop, and all the retail activity was just a front — hence the stovetop full of banker’s drafts from customers, uncashed for two years.

Quadriga literally didn’t care about the money that people were sending them. Whatever business they were in, it wasn’t being a retail crypto exchange.

My current hypothesis is that Quadriga was money laundering for some quite bad people — that Gerry Cotten’s “incompetent” altcoin trading on Poloniex and so forth was really laundering his actual customers’ cash out.

I wonder slightly if he fell afoul of said actual customers somehow — and if $200 million was enough to murder a guy over.

The lawyers for Quadriga’s creditors asked the RCMP to exhume the alleged body of Cotten, to check it was really him. But the authorities’ interest is not huge at this point —the money is gone, and it’s not coming back.

I will admit that if it turns out to be Gerry in the coffin, and he isn’t on a beach somewhere, I’ll be just a little disappointed.

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