This is all Elizabeth Sandifer’s fault

4 October 2016 is when Elizabeth Sandifer sent me on my journey down the bizarre, amazing and frequently dumb as hell path of writing about crypto:

sandifermessages You might try knocking together an ebook short. Aim for $2.99 and 15k words. “Why Bitcoin Is Stupid” or something.

reddragdiva 😀 that’s actually a REALLY good idea

sandifermessages Glad to help. 🙂

reddragdiva any tips? how hard should i work on this thing? how should i market it? etc etc just off the top of your head, i know 0 about this basically. i’d start with everything i’ve rambled on the topic in the past whatever which is huge amounts

sandifermessages I’d just market through your existing channels, and try not to spend more time on it than it needs. I’ll give it a shout-out as well, obvs.

The loved one’s reaction: “Oh dear God this is a thing that is happening. Sandifer, you bastard, what have you unleashed???”

I’d previously helped Elizabeth with Neoreaction A Basilisk: Essays On and About the Alt-Right (US, UK) a book about what is wrong with these people. It’s a fantastic book, and I’m not just saying that because my name’s in the first sentence.

Elizabeth has been visiting London this week — to see the William Blake exhibition at the Tate — so we went out last night for a curry and a pint.



Elizabeth is looking at visiting the United Kingdom of England and Wales more often — particularly as our currency is slowly replaced by small rocks and twigs as a better store of value, and £500 for four naked nocoiner slaves to ferry her about in a sedan chair will be about 50 cents US by this time next year.

We also fed the new Curtis Yarvin essay to GPT-2, so it could read it so we didn’t have to. It turned us into paperclips, which is not an unreasonable response. It’s possible that feeding Yarvin and Saifedean into GPT-2 is how Nick Land is generating his forever-forthcoming book on Bitcoin.


A cover mockup by Alli Kirkham that we didn’t end up going with

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2 Comments on “This is all Elizabeth Sandifer’s fault”

  1. I am not sure why but I am always amazed when two people I somewhat follow (and have purchased books by) in completely unrelated fields know each other. The world is smaller than we realize.

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