Don’t PayPal me — they cut me off!

Don’t try to PayPal anything to — it’ll bounce!

Someone tried to send me USD$1500. PayPal went into anaphylactic KYC meltdown and demanded more documents, I sent them and … they switched off my account. Evidently I’m going to deal drugs, or cryptos, or something:

After reviewing your PayPal account, we’ve determined there to be excessive risk involved in doing business with you and we’d like to begin parting ways in a manner that is least disruptive to your business.

(And it was a business account, too. Here I am, a hardworking and enthusiastic part of the System, a credit rating, live in the suburbs, etc …)

I didn’t turn into a Bitcoiner — but as far as I can tell, the American banking system is the sort of thing that makes people invent Bitcoin. European banking works so well …

So much for the one easy way to get US dollars to the UK. For large payments, I can eat the fees — but PayPal was the best way to get a few USD for a book or whatever. Suggestions welcomed.

If you really want to send money, contact me and we’ll sort out a bank thing.

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5 Comments on “Don’t PayPal me — they cut me off!”

  1. Transferwise? I used it to send money to Brazil last year, and it worked very well. On the other hand, I’ve never yet succeeded in transferring money to a Brazilian bank account. Last time I tried, my bank charged the fee & returned my money three days later, keeping the fee since apparently the info the Brazilian bank gave me was wrong. :-/

    1. The Patreon goes out via Payoneer, so I’ll see if that works this month!

      PayPal are flaky trash and everyone hates them, but they’re great for that tiny job of “get small USD payment to UK bank account.” How annoying.

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