City A.M.: “Approach Blockchain with Caution” by me

Today’s post is in the Crypto Insider section of this morning’s City A.M., a free paper given out in the City of London. Their audience is business and finance people. Grab a paper copy if you’re in range!

My section is the main spread of pp18-19. Here’s the PDF. Complete with Alli Kirkham‘s marvelous artwork from the book, of Scared Business Guy versus BlockBot:



City A.M.’s Crypto Insider section has been going just a few weeks. It’s generally very positive and future-looking — here are PDFs of past weeks. James Bowater, the section editor, came along to the Intelligence Squared panel last week, and thought I could provide a different view.

I’ll post the text next week, once the next edition comes out. Update: here it is!

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One Comment on “City A.M.: “Approach Blockchain with Caution” by me”

  1. In the interview below your Pillip Nunn, talks about becoming managing director of Stockholm IT
    Ventures. A billion pound business, well according to Reuters: Market Cap(Mil.): €1.83.
    They had a billon euro value but then they were investigated in Germany for stock market manipulation, and the following drop in market value is worth noticing.
    Search some Swedish social media and you will find a lot of names of people found guilty of economic crimes.
    Suddenly they go from being a shady social media company and wants to be a private bank and a powerhouse in the crypto industry, I am looking forward to place my life savings in that bank.

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