News: me at Intelligence Squared next Monday, Lightning Network 99% failure rate, Nvidia video card glut, Microsoft/EY blockchain, Reserve Bank of Australia, US Secret Service, art on the blockchain

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  • Reminder: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain is discounted on Kindle Canada for June — only CDN$4.49! Hurry, hurry!



  • Microsoft and EY launch an ambitious blockchain project “to help creators get paid.” They say they’ll be using it to pay XBox game authors. I believe I wrote a chapter in my book on this topic. Love to see Imogen Heap blockchain comparisons in this, the year $133.20 .
  • The Lightning Network is the scaling solution of the future! ‘Cos it sure isn’t the scaling solution of the present — “If only the nodes that have at least one channel with sufficient capacity to route the payment are considered, the probability of successfully routing the payment of less than $200 between random LN nodes is a mere 1%.” Just imagine how much power the obsolete legacy fiat bankster system could save if Visa transactions had a 1% chance to get through!


  • The Reserve Bank of Australia on cryptocurrencies — they’re not very good as money or a payments system, they don’t really affect the RBA’s monetary policy or financial stability mandates, and the RBA doesn’t really think a central bank AUD$ cryptocurrency is a good idea. But they’re still keeping an eye on the sector.



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