News: Securing plutonium, unsecuring Trezor, Twitter, NHS WannaCry, LSE review of the book

  • The Blockchain! It can keep food from spoiling! It can ensure against overfishing! It can keep plutonium secure! Apparently.
  • Bitcoiner forgets password to 7 BTC! Fortunately, he recovered it via security flaws in his sooper-secure Trezor hardware wallet.
  • I endeavour not to use rude words on this blog myself, but I must heartily recommend the Blockchain of Shit Twitter for all your distributed ledger technology needs.
  • I mention the NHS WannaCry ransomware attack in chapter 7 of the book — no ransom paid, no data loss, IT staff spent the weekend reimaging client PCs. The National Audit Office report on the incident is just out.
  • The book was reviewed in LSE Business Review: Blockchain and bitcoin: In search of a critique, about how there’s a ton of Bitcon and blockchain books — “a fair number of these books are frankly deranged, offering no real explanation of how these technologies work or how they will live up to the promises made” — and nary a critical voice. And he likes mine and thinks it does the job. I spoke to the author, Martin Walker, a couple of months ago for an interview that’s lined up to appear once the other parts of the article it’s for are done. Any time now!
  • As of today, I have sold 2379 copies of the book: 1786 Kindle, 41 Smashwords, 48 Draft2Digital, 504 paperbacks. I have no idea how this happened, but I love you all. KEEP TELLING EVERYONE YOU KNOW!


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