Book news: Atlas Pulse TV video with Charlie Morris, the book is cheap on Kindle Canada today!

I did a video piece earlier today with Charlie Morris for Atlas Pulse TV.

We recorded this three hours ago and it’s already up! (Yes, I know I keep looking at the camera which I MUST NOT DO. I expect I’ll get better with practice. Always say “yes” to telly.)

Charlie had his UK paperback along as a video prop and I brought my US proof copy along, and of course the covers were slightly different shades of green. All four-colour printing is voodoo even if you do get a proof copy.

I have no idea why, but “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain” appears to be CDN$3.20 today on Kindle Canada. So get in there!

(I did tick a box saying “yes, you can sell the book cheap as part of promotions,” but I figured Amazon would tell me so I could tell everyone … good thing I looked today, then!)

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