Book news: happy author, happy readers, “50 Foot Blockchain” photos

Amazon finally paid me! About £1650 from July Kindle sales, £450 from August paperback sales. Goodness me, I have a successful self-published book! As of this afternoon, I’ve sold 342 paperbacks, 1219 ebooks via Kindle, 32 via Smashwords and 41 via Draft2Digital.

(The hourly rate for nine months’ work writing it is dismal. Also, as a good and proper statist, I’m putting half of it aside for tax season, when Her Majesty’s Bankster Conspirators come calling. Also, the loved one keeps complaining I talk about bitcoins all the time. But a bit of return on this much work is always nice. And we did just order 8GB of memory for said loved one’s laptop.)

Anyway, KEEP TELLING YOUR FRIENDS about the book. And if any of you know journalists you could ask to review the thing, please do!

Here’s some happy fans from Twitter. Bottom one is my esteemed artist and designer, Alli Kirkham. Email her today to get your book looking this fine!



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