Crypto collapse: Terra Luna, 3AC’s Singapore liquidation, Celsius, Voyager

Time for another exciting episode of “all the money’s gone!” We’re still taking turns, so this one’s over on Amy’s blog. [Amy Castor]

We cover:

  • a recap of how the Terra/luna crash took out the whole CeFi field
  • Terraform Labs’ problems in South Korea
  • The 3AC Singapore bankruptcy, complete with 1,100-page filing
  • Celsius’ bankruptcy hearing
  • more Voyager fun
  • and a bit on Vauld and BlockFi.

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One Comment on “Crypto collapse: Terra Luna, 3AC’s Singapore liquidation, Celsius, Voyager”

  1. Well, I’m not too surprised. Nerds inventing nerdy machines for others to likewise follow. Algorithmically calculated combinations to unlock the mystery, except there isn’t one. Coins do not exist. None of the hype, the advertising , the theory will make a blind bit of difference except to lure more simple minded get rich quick folk into the Blockchain ( preferred term blocked drain!) . Try their hand at problem solving(mining) to see if they earn a reward.
    Enough for goodness sake, crypto is not investing. It’s all based on new money pouring in for lenders to lend it to each other and when there is trouble, your money is gone! No dollars! Can I have some coins then. No, they don’t actually exist! Sorry.

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