This site is now served via nginx

I’ve just moved this site from Apache httpd to nginx with PHP-FPM.

I’ve been meaning to do since the last time a page was super-popular (the Brave post last June) — the server coped just fine, but Apache is really bad at floods of SSL connections.

Everything seems to work properly with nginx and PHP-FPM — please let me know of any weirdness you notice.

Now for the hard part: getting certbot to renew the SSL certificate automatically. Update: achieved!

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2 Comments on “This site is now served via nginx”

  1. Long before due I get an email from Let’s encrypt telling me to renew. Doing it manually with “certbot renew” fixed it for me. Running “certbot renew –try-run” first to test.

    The only issue I had once on another server was when I was only running https/443 port and the renew command demanded http/80 port.

    1. oh no, the problem was getting certbot renew to run at all in nginx instead of Apache. I finally beat it into behaving, and added three more cert names. Let’s see if I get an email in July …

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