Me in crypto media — CryptoAuthority and CoinTelegraph

I did a podcast with CryptoAuthority —  a panel discussion with Dan Held on proof-of-work, with him as advocate and me as skeptic. It came out quite well. (Panel discussions are great as well as easy — they inform an audience, and Felix is a good moderator.) Here’s the Spotify link, it should be up on all the podcast networks.

I also did a segment for CoinTelegraph’s Hodler’s Digest about QuadrigaCX and the revelation that Michael Patryn is pretty much certainly Omar Dhanani. I start at 4:49.

CoinTelegraph didn’t have time to include my plug for Amy Castor’s blog — but she’s hot on the Quadriga beat, and you need to follow her for the latest. She also has a Patreon, that you should totally sign up for — doing the good stuff needs feeding with money, and Amy’s been providing the good stuff for a few years now. And don’t forget mine!

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