Someone said “buttcoin,” we can all go home now



Found by SomethingAwful user “empty whippet box”:

I was just in jail for ten days and this was in the criminal legal newsletter and i tore it out and brought it home so i could post it here, you are welcome.

I’ll have yall know that seeing that was the first time I actually laughed in several days in there, and I was bursting at the seams to come post it, so I totally understand.

Someone on /r/buttcoin found the original PDF of the February 2019 issue of Prison Legal News, which renders the ad in full colour on page 23.


For ten years, you have been asking: Has anyone said Buttcoin yet? This is Buttcoin speaking. I am the coin who loves his life. I am the coin who does not sacrifice his comedy gold or his non-nude pictures. I am the coin who has deprived you of victims and thus has destroyed your world, and if you wish to

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