Book news: four figures of sales, blog reviews, new excerpt on Hypebot

  • There’s some excerpts from chapter 12, “Why you can’t put the music industry on a blockchain,” edited together into an article and put up on Hypebot. (Please spread that link, Hypebot’s good.)

  • Blog posts from pleased readers: Fertig gelesen: Attack of the 50 foot Blockchain; The Importance of the Critical book (by a cryptocurrency advocate); Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain. Yes, it’s a bubble.

  • Some time around 1 September, the book passed 1000 sales! About 150 paperback, the rest ebook. Not bad for a self-published book with not much promotion. I’ve tried promoting it to journalists and had very little response, so it’s back to word of mouth and writing sufficiently interesting blog posts. If you liked the book, please tell everyone you know!

  • By the way, I take requests for blog posts. If there’s a topic you’d particularly like to see a post about, do feel free to leave a comment or email me at No promises, but I’ll see what I can do.

Edit: For the curious, here’s my precise sales figures up to 14:32 UTC, Sunday 3 Sep 2017. I was seriously expecting maybe 100-200 when I started writing (October 2016), but I happened to catch a wave.

I would have made it Amazon-exclusive so I could get it onto Kindle Unlimited, but I posted more than 10% publicly. But Smashwords pleases the techy end of my audience who want ePubs.

I spent months talking it up in venues that would appreciate it, and got about 200 Kindle preorders, which gave it a nice kickstart and got it on the first page of the relevant Kindle subsubcategories. The appreciative buyers have come to the party with Amazon reviews too.

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2 Comments on “Book news: four figures of sales, blog reviews, new excerpt on Hypebot”

  1. I would be interested in your analysis of recent claims of “progress” concerning the usage of blockchain in supply chains and the usage of ethereum in sending funds to refugees. What is the real experience of those using the blockchain.

    Also some other claimed projects: Illinois blockchain initiative (are they considering things other than blockchain for the problems), the country of Georgia’s usage of blockchain for property records. Do people actually subjected to them view these projects as successes? Or just better than whatever mess they previously endured?

    1. oh yeah, the highly-touted pilot programmes, all of which seem to trace back to single press releases. I’ll need to be getting the serious journalism on for those … but yes, it’s something that needs covering, and uncovering.

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