A WikiEN-L discussion actually goes somewhere: BibleBay!

WJohnson brought up on WikiEN-L that Bible quotes were pointing to (a) external sites (b) that made fraudulent claims of copyright over public domain translations.

After a bit of discussion, Magnus Manske hacked together the BibleBay! A given chapter and verse range, listed in all translations on WikiSource.

Suggested additions: 1. The original Hebrew or Greek the section is translated from. 2. Links to an external site with the New International Version. 3. The future canonical version.

Update: Greek and NIV links added. And … try this.

3 thoughts on “A WikiEN-L discussion actually goes somewhere: BibleBay!”

  1. That’s nice, but it’s useless to me until it includes the LOLCat Bible:

    “So liek teh Ceiling Kitteh lieks teh ppl lots and he sez ‘Oh hai I givez u me only kitteh and ifs u beleeves him u wont evr diez no moar, k?'”

  2. Nicely done. Personally I’d prefer links to the New Revised Standard Version. The NIV is a very popular version, but as a translation it’s really very good, and tends to reflect mainstream Christian biases in giving an interpretive translation. When I was reading in this area many years ago, I noticed that more scholarly writers, and even the more intelligent books for a popular audience, tend to quote the NRSV rather than the NIV.

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