Product of the year!

On eBay, no less. (Courtesy Walter.)

Wikipedia Homepage + 12 Permanent Text Links SEO

First of all these text links and content will be “permanent.” We can list your site in the US or across the global Wikipedia pages.

Want more traffic? Who doesn’t.

Regular text links on random sites and in directories, no one looks at, may help a little with link popularity but don’t you want some traffic? More traffic = more conversions.

Last month over 40 million people looked at #10 most trafficked website according to Alexa. And shows up in Google and Yahoo! results. A traffic gold mine.

But how do you take advantage of this? How do I list my website on Wikipedia without it getting deleted?

That is where we come in. We have an extensive SEO background, we have knowledge of Internet User behavior, we know how they search and what they search for. We will get more people to see you on Wikipedia and work with the Wikipedia guidelines to increase the amount of text links to your website. More people will see your website, they will click your text links, hence more traffic.

We will build one homepage for your website on and 10 text links from other pages to your page and 2 external links to your Website.

Let us show you the Wikipedia traffic gold mine.

The feedback mumbles “haxx0r3d account” to me. You?

Alternately, Durova has better ways. (Precis: don’t be a dick.)

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