What does winning look like?

Freeculture.org asks us to share our vision of the future: what free culture looks like in five years.

Imagine your life after five successful years working on your free culture projects. How is your day-to-day existence different? What does a city look like? How have the lives of your parents and friends changed? What does it feel like to live in a more free culture? Does it smell different? Sound different?

They have a wiki page for the collected results. Let’s assume Moore’s Law, by the way: you’re typing your response on a 32-core Opteron with 16 gigabytes of memory on your lap. And it’s not even warm.

And, for that matter, what do the Wikimedia projects look like in 2012? When did we leave Google in the dust? Do governments cower at our name and public broadcasters release everything under CC by-sa? How did we get there? Show your working.

Edit: Dammit, the deadline was July 12! Bah. WRITE ONE ANYWAY.

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