Wikimedia UK.

I spent Thursday evening and the weekend on Wikimedia UK stuff.

  • Alison Wheeler, the chair, tendered her resignation on Thursday, in the hope of unsticking things. We had an emergency general meeting that evening where we declined the resignation and passed a vote of confidence in her.
  • The old treasurer, Jon Garrett, has been removed for inactivity (we don't even have a bank account right now) and uncontactability.
  • Arkady Rose has been drafted to the board and tagged as treasurer for the crime of flagrant cluefulness in public places. (Note also that Alison and James Forrester did the drafting, not me … though them drafting my girlfriend enhances the cabalism nicely.)
  • James got the address and paperwork updates submitted to Company House.

Now to start doing stuff with it again … particularly pushing the charity registration through. And starting the bank account process again. TRA LA LA LA LA! Minutes should be posted real soon, won't they, James.

Open Wiki Blog Planet grows apace, and the official Planet Wikimedia is open for feeds.

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