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Party Fears #19, late 1994

Way back in January (you remember January, don’t you?), David said, “yeah, you can start getting the news bit together. Well, it’s October and the magazine’s finally finished. Because of the inordinate time delay, what follows is basically what’s happened since the beginning of the year, plus other bits and pieces I thought were worth throwing in.

As much as has happened since the beginning of the year, much remains the same: a lack of venues, and ... well, much has happened on the local scene since last we met. Unfortunately, the lack of venues and suitable gigs seems to be one of the few ongoing features.

  • AND AN A are David Kelsall (v, k), Tony Roncevich (g, b) and Jurek Wybraniac (programming). The group effectively split back in ’88 when previous member Brett Gillespie moved to Melbourne. In mid ’91 David and Tony decided to get the group up and going again, but it wasn’t until Jurek joined in January ’93 as a non-performing member that it got going in earnest. The group gig erratically, when they feel like it, much as they’ve always done.

  • ANIMAL KINGDOM are currently Ross “Vegas” Thompson (g, v), Michael O’Brien (b) and Andrea Gaynor (violin). They’re currently on the hunt for a new drummer. They began to come together after Michael left Botticelli’s Angel in March ’93; he teamed up with Ross and original drummer Pete (ex-Dixie Outlaws) and they played with this line-up until February ’94 when they added Andrea. Didn’t gig much in the next few months. Pete left in June and since then they’ve been looking for the elusive drummer. Once found they plan to gig rather more often, with a view to recording some time soon for a CD release next year. While the band have been on hold, Ross has been playing occasional solo shows.

  • BENJI are Jon Scull (g, v), Michael Newman (d) and new boy Rod Ewan (b), ex-Rust. Came together with this lineup in April, after previous bassist Stuart Medley decided to follow his heart and move to the country. The last lineup recorded six or seven songs for a proposed cassette and these should hopefully be released soonish, though there’s talk of some new recordings as well.

  • BING are Myles Durham (d, menace), Mark Richardson (g, v, pop sensibility) and Lorne Clements (b, v, facial contortions). They surprised many by regrouping after the demise of BAKED back in March. Rehearsed on and off for four months before debuting in August. They’re a step or two on from Baked, with the three piece format working surprisingly well. Looks like they may bypass putting out a tape and go for a CD release.

  • BLUE TILE LOUNGE are Dan Erikson (g, v), Gabrielle Cotton (g, v), Alex Stevens (d) and Howard Healy (b, v). Have begun playing rather more regularly of late. They are finally beginning to think about recording, but really should have had something out by now. At this stage it looks like Mr. Lachlan Tuppin and his trusty eight-track will be doing the honours. Dan and Gabrielle have also been playing occasional gigs as a duo.

  • BOB’S LOVE CHILD have been hard at work on their debut CD and are about halfway through it. Are currently hustling for some money to finish it.

  • CREAKS IN THE INFLAMMABLE STAIRS are Gareth Ashmore (b, v), David Komadina (g), Sefton Payze (g, v) and Terri Celowser (d, v). Began in early ’94 but didn’t finally solidify until April. “Music to chase animals to” — Gareth. Smooth and grungy.

  • DARKAN are Jordan Robbins (b, v), Vass Kapsanis (g) and Patrick Spicer (d). Have been together with this lineup since mid ’93 and have so far released a cassingle, Blood Music Vol1. Are currently looking to record a mini CD with a view to relocating to Melbourne sometime after its release.

  • DAYZSA are Ben Johns (g, v), Mark Hutton (g), Steve Bride (b, v) and Brad Clearly (d). Began in January this year and have begun to pick up occasional gigs along the way, the first show being in March with  Kitty Magic (who Steve drums for). Steve described them as sounding sort of Smashing Pumpkins-ish.

  • EFFIGY began in August ’93 as a trio of Jason Stacy (d), Annie Beckerling (b) and Peter Hardman (g, v) before briefly adding Annie’s brother Max on guitar in January. By ????? they were back to a trio again and are slowly picking up gigs when they can. Started off sounding rather Pixies-ish, but have since moved on from there. About time for a cassette, methinks.

  • Although the FEENDS’ mini-CD Freakscene has been out for a while now, they haven’t been gigging much to plug it. Have already recorded new material for a four-song vinyl EP on Spinning Top Records. Should have another song on a proposed four band/four songs vinyl EP, again through Spinning Top. In addition, they may well have a mini-CD release through a European label at some stage.

  • The FLANDERS are Mark Pike (g, b, v), Luke Bostleman (b, g, v) and Christian Owen (d), with Mark and Christian having previously playing in RUSTY’S FISH TANK. They began in February. Were described by somebody else as sounding like the Rainyard with a decent drummer; I’d just qualify it a bit by saying it’s more like early guitar pop Rainyard, before they lost their way. The Flanders have the same sort of appeal.

  • FLASHING TABLET are Richard Sewell (g, v), Brad Roberts (b), Carl Properjohn (g, v) and Chris Hann (d). Are only a part time band with Chris and Richard in the Wooden Fische, while Brad and Carl were in Violet Slide. Got together with this line-up in ???? after playing a gig back in December with Alex Stevens from Blue Tile Lounge on drums, and a gig before that as a trio. The band’s name gives a fair idea of what to expect. Currently on the hunt for gigs, and there’s talk of recording.

  • THE GOOD BAND: There’d been rumours going around for a couple of months beforehand that they’d reformed, but I for one didn’t think they’d manage to get themselves that organised. Then in July, they played what is so far a one-off gig. Those responsible that night were Stinky Chips Gorman (d), Lovely Bobby Favourite (b, v), Maisy Superstar (g, v) and Bad Matty Matthews (v). They also sold a songbook for the event so you could sing along with them. Despite Stinky Chips moving to Melbourne with the rest of Mustang!, it is quite possible the group will gig again when next he’s in town. There’s also talk of recording, with a cassette being the likely outcome.

  • HEADER are Ian Freeman (v), Liam Coffey (b, v), Brad Bolton (g), David Chadwick (g) and Dean Willoughby (d). Have just released a cassette, Rat, which is only available at their gigs. Recently went into the studio and it looks like a mini-CD will be released at some stage.

  • It looks like HOGFODDER have split. Since the previous bassist’s vices meant he would be unavailable for quite some time, they recruited a new bass player, but then vocalist Alan Hooper decided he’d had enough and quit. He’s currently trying to pull something together. No idea what the rest of them are doing, apart from, in one case, time.

  • HUM are Geoff Parentich (g, v), Dave Berry (d) and Mark Coddington (b). Previous saxophonist Travis Calley apparently only found out about his redundancy back in January when by chance he dropped in at a photo shoot to find he hadn’t been invited! The remaining trio should have a new tape out sometime soon. Geoff and Mark’s ‘other’ band THE HUNKPAPAS seem to be no more; no idea what became of the recordings they were going to release as a CD. Meanwhile Mark continues to play with BOTTICELLI’S ANGEL, and Travis now has more time to concentrate on Yummy Fur and his many other musical interests. Late news suggests Geoff is about to move to the UK, so I guess that’ll be it for the band.

  • The JACKALS played their last gig in July. The group decided to split when vocalist Paul McCarthy said he wanted to purse his studies full-time, though he’s indicated he intends to continue as songwriter. At the moment it looks like Howard Shawcross (b) and Howie Johnstone (d) will stick together in some sort of funk band, while guitarist Phil Bradley is looking to get a new three or four piece band happening with a rather heavier approach than the Jackals had.

  • KITTY MAGIC are Danny Ruggero (g, v), Steve Bride (d) and Josh Buckeridge (b). The name’s been around longer than the band has. Danny was formerly in the BLACK ORCHIDS, a band that rehearsed for some 15-odd months but played two gigs. It may well have had something to do with the temper tantrums thrown by a couple of those involved. (“Fuck you!” “No, fuck YOU!” “You’re fired!” “You can’t fire me ’cause I quit!” etc., etc.) After that, he contributed a song to the 1993 Kill Yr Idols compilation cassette under the Kitty Magic moniker, the ‘group’ being simply Danny plus his room full of equipment. Following on from that, he set about forming a band. Originally rehearsed as a four piece with Matt Schmidt on rhythm guitar and Josh (ex-Fuzzswirl) on bass, before Josh left and Matt moved to bass. Began to gig with this lineup in December ’93, before Matt decided to move to Melbourne to “become Australia’s answer to Ted Nugent” (has since returned), at which point Josh returned to the fold. Have continued to gig erratically, and there’s talk of a tape of some sort. Steve finds time to lay in Dayzsa as well.

  • LIQUID ALTAR are Jeff Grey (v, g), Matt Jenkins (g), Alan Hunter (b) and Mark Eaton (d). Originally started in November ’92 and have been through a number of bassists since then; the above line-up’s been together since February ’94. The best description I can give is ’80s indie-guitar rockers’.

  • LOST began in September ’91 as a trio: Damian Evans (b, v), Carl Guy (d) and Andrew Cousa (g); they played around for some time with this lineup and did some recording for a proposed cassette, which never surfaced. In September ’93 they added Breeani Medbury (b, v) and Matthew Sullivan (g), which, despite the group’s unusual lineup of two bassists and two guitarists, wasn’t nearly as heavy as you might expect. Gigged for a little while with this line-up before Matthew took temporary absence of leave, with Geoff and Bill from O! taking it in turns to fill in until he returned in February. They then began to really develop as a band but then, in June, Damian decided to leave. Having already lined up some recording sessions in August, he decided to stay until they were completed. They recorded six songs which they’re looking to release on both vinyl and CD early in ’95. Damian has left to pursue his love of jazz, though he’s currently playing in a cover band to pay the rent; the rest are going to continue as a four-piece. (Breeani? Are you sure that isn’t spelt ‘Briony’? — ed.)

  • MOLASSES are Paul Williams (d), Mia Schoen (g, b, k, v) and Andrew Britain (g, b, v). Began in June ’94, and played their first couple of gigs under the name Jamboree. Play what I’d call a shambolic guitar pop concoction, which as you could guess involves a fair bit of instrument swapping. Have already been lined up to do some recording for a Chapter Music compilation cassette. They’ve very quickly become flavour of the month in some circles, which is rather unfortunate for the band. Planning a look-see trip to Melbourne around Christmas.

  • MARDI PICASSO are Martin Gambie (g, v), Claudine Lhost (v, accordion), Graham Hope (b), Cathi Smith (viola, v) and Vivienne Langham (cello, v). They began as pretty much a floating ensemble based around Martin, but the above lineup is the regular band, though they have also featured Martin Moon (d) on occasions when his other activities allow him to play. Are currently recording their third CD in fits and starts, i.e. when they’ve got the money. Despite wanting to play on a semi-regular basis every couple of months or so, as yet they haven’t managed it.

  • MUSTANG! finally left town in early August for Melbourne. As to be expected, there was trauma and intrigue right to the end with yet another change in guitarists: Jon Campbell out, Brooke Kelly in. I gather from both sides that trouble had been brewing for a couple of months. The band didn’t bother to tell Jon he was out, which is not the way to do such things! The band’s CD, recorded back when Toby Richardson was a member, still isn’t out, but it apparently is on the way, when Survival eventually pull their fingers out. They recorded a further four songs with Jon (two by Hamish and one each from Mike and Jon). What will happen to these recordings, produced by Doug Thomas and apparently very good, is anyone’s guess. (I’d mark ’em not too likely — ed.) They plan to spend six months in Melbourne and see how it goes.

    As to what the former Mustang! guitarists are now doing: well not much. Toby and John Henderson have been talking about getting some thing together, but have so far been too lazy too actually do anything. At the moment Jon isn’t doing anything, but has been approached to play in a side band with Myles from Bing and Dan from Blue Tile Lounge.

    Which former member of Mustang! said he wanted to get in another band just so he could say his last band wasn’t Mustang! ?

  • O! continue to gig around town on a semi regular basis. There’s been no real follow up on the interest expressed by Sydney’s Half-a-Cow Records. It looks like they’ll be doing some new recording some time soon, and they’ve lined up to tour over east later in the year. Debut cassette Scared Of Scary available, and an otherwise unavailable song on the From The Same Mother Atomic Turn-On compilation cassette.

  • PSYCHODRAMA are Robin Bugden (v, g), Laura Scaffidi (k, v), Tony Aspden (b), Jasper Silver (g) and Chris Carlisle (d). Were pulled together late last year by Tony and ???????, and have been gigging occassionally since then. Not as gothy as I was expecting when I eventually saw them. They play a reasonably diverse sort of style, although on the alternative side of things.

  • I was going to give some details on the RACHELS, but since they haven’t been able to get themselves organized to actually gig for quite some time, I decided bugger ‘em, though there was talk of them changing their name.

  • The STUMP MITTENS are Nathan (g, v), Emma (v), Conner (b), Travis (g) and Nick (d). Have been going for a while now, though only playing irregularly. Have got a fair bit better over the last six months or so, though, as anyone who saw them back then would tell you, there was only really one way to go.

  • SULK are Guy Blackman (g, v), Vivienne Langham (cello), Bernard Langham (g, violin) and Gayle Marshall occassionally guesting on vocals. Despite some quality songs and having money for recording in spite of an erratic gigging itinerary, they still haven’t done any serious recording. Are currently looking to diversify their sound by incorporating other instruments, bass and perhaps keyboards, though without adding members.

  • The SUMMER SUNS a.k.a. Kim Williams, although inactive on the live scene for quite some time, have recently done a batch of recordings which will see the light of day as a mini-CD and a series of 7” singles, the latter to be brought out by various labels here and overseas. “The Angel Angeline/Samantha” has already been released on Kim’s own House of Wax Records. On that recording he’s backed by DM3, but on most of the other material he’s backed by Joe Algeri (g, v), Simon Hensworth (b) from AMMONIA and Pascal Bartolone (d) from DM3. Kim and Joe played an accoustic one-off in March under the name the LOVE LETTERS, and despite Kim’s well known reluctance for playing live gigs in this town, he’s said he’ll play some live shows to plug the Summer Suns releases. At the moment the live group looks like being Kim (g, v), Joe (g, v), Martin Moon (d) and an as  yet unknown bass player.

  • IAN UNDERWOOD hasn’t done much since the Kryptonics’ demise back in mid-’92. Did a couple of 69/Kryptonics reunion gigs with the Hitchcock/Hopkinson/Halley lineup, and pulled together the Tommy Raudonikis Experience, with Myles Durham and Michael Corey, which played some Perth gigs over Xmas ’92 and then again in July ’93. Still living in Sydney, he finally seems to have got himself organised and has recorded a CD worth of material, using Greg Hitchcock and the old Kryptonics and current Front End Loader rhythm section of Richard Corey and Peter Kostic. What the name of the CD will come out under is uncertain, though it definitely will not be under the Krypto’s moniker. Although originally designed as a studio project it looks like there will be some sort of live group, though only Ian and Greg look like definite starters due to the rhythm section’s outside commitments. Recent news suggests the likely name is CHALLENGER 7. Ian was in town recently doing a support slot for You Am I.

  • The current status of THE UNKNOWN appears to be under a cloud. The group went on ice in December ’93, although in their absence they released the Bio-Psychiatry Is Worse Than Hitler cassette. Will Wallace continued to play with the Feends, as well as occassionally gigging solo. In May the group’s line-up finally solidified with  Will (g, v), Mark Wallace (d), Peter House (g, v), and Ky McElhiny (b), and things looked set to go, but Mark Wallace suddenly passed away in early June which has obviously put a rather big question mark over everything. Will continues to play solo, so hopefully the new material he’s been writing will get recorded and released at some stage.

  • WOODEN FISCHE are Chris Hann (v, g), Richard Sewell (g, v), David O’Halloran (b) and Flick Dear (d). Have been playing with this lineup since March ’93, and have just released their second cassingle with this line-up. Are currently trying to sell themselves to get as many gigs as possible so they can finance a CD for release probably early next year. Continuing to get sniffs from eastern states record labels.

  • Having released their Snug But vinyl EP (only a hundred pressed!), WORM FARM then decided to stop gigging when bassist Gav moved to Melbourne to study. The proposed cassette with the EP material plus another song failed to eventuate, so it looks like if you didn’t get the EP you’ve missed out. They’ve already recorded another half-a-dozen songs and are considering a CD release of some sort. By the time of their last gig in July they were pulling a fair size crowd, and you can expect some more gigs towards the end of the year. While the Sassy One lives the high life over east, the rest of them are getting a country band together, with Cameron moving to bass. No idea what name they’ll be playing under, but expect some live action soon.

  • YUMMY FUR have just finished recording their second CD, to be called Initiations, again through Salmonberry Records. At the moment it stands at five songs plus two or three remixed pieces. Current running time is 48 minutes, so yes, they are long songs. Expect an eastern tour once it’s released. Depending on how the new CD and tour go, they’re thinking of moving to Melbourne later in the year.

    Ross C.

    (Hey, Ross — what about Craig Hallsworth’s new band? Zyzyzyzyzyzy or whatever? — ed.)

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