News: TRON paying BitTorrent seeders, crypto miners in games, SIM hijacking, blockchain is useless, Bitcoin is useless, James Mickens

  • California police have arrested a college student, part of a gang who stole $5 million in crypto — including from people attending Consensus — by SIM hijacking.



  • Companies are shocked to realise that blockchain — an expensive and useless idea that has soaked up millions of dollars for zero return — may not be a good technology. “Many companies will halt their blockchain tests this year. The pullback could hurt IBM and Microsoft, analyst says … The expectation was we’d quickly find use cases.”
  • Paul Krugman points out the obvious yet again: Bitcoin has no use cases. You’d think there wouldn’t be much of a market for money that made the process of using it harder, not easier — and that’s precisely what we observe. That said, Krugman will be speaking at ChainXchange in Las Vegas on 14 August.
  • A nice blog review of the book by Ben Sheffield. “If you own bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum, Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain will make you want to dance near the fire escape.”





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